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Taking care of your wellness during the term should always come first. However, in previous terms,  I found myself prioritizing academics more than I prioritized my free time and wellness. Now, I understand although studying is important, taking care of yourself and well-being should come first. 

This winter, I have been a frequent visitor to the Student Wellness Center (SWC). This is a space on campus equipped to help students feel safe and cared for! It is located on the first floor of the Berry Library, where you can often find me studying. The SWC is quiet, with places to lounge, study, or create! 

The SWC offers check-ins where students can speak to a member of their team, either in person or on Zoom. I have not dropped by for a session, but I have heard that the team is wonderful! There is a great emphasis on mindfulness and meditation, with yoga classes being offered throughout the term. This center also facilitates the Sexual Violence Prevention Program (SVPP), which is a required program for all Dartmouth students. 

In addition to all of the support and programming the center offers, they also massage chairs! You can book a massage chair just by writing your name down on the sheet outside the room. It is a great way to relax and take a break from a study session. 

An image of a room with two full body massage chair, and a lamp in the corner.

My friends and I have made it a habit to visit the place multiple times throughout the week. The SWC also has great snacks as well, with a place to make tea and coffee!

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