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A picture of a Dartmouth Student in a restaurant, behind a cake with candles

Two decades sounds old. Maybe it's better to just say twenty years old. This month marks the second birthday I have spent at Dartmouth, away from my family and home.

Celebrating a special occasion away from everything I know can be challenging. Birthdays mean a lot for my family, especially milestone ones. We cook special dishes and invite people over. Even though they are not here, they always try their best to make me feel better about not being at home. 

To celebrate, I had a birthday dinner at Base Camp, a Nepali restaurant in the town. It is known for having the spiciest food in the area! Naturally, I had to make sure all my friends picked a decent spice level. A level ten at Base Camp is known to make even someone with a high spice tolerance sweat. I always go with level six or seven. The restaurant has a great atmosphere, and the owners are extremely nice. 

In the afternoon, I went to a thrift store nearby for a little bit of birthday shopping. There are many thrift stores a short drive away from campus. I have found so many great jackets and shoes there. 

Upperclassmen are allowed to bring cars to campus, which is extremely convenient to get away from the campus. While I cannot drive, I have many friends who do drive.  

I have loved spending my birthdays in Hanover, New Hampshire. The important thing is surrounding yourself with the best people, who will make sure you have the best day.

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