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Roasting marshmallows over a fire pit

Zumba during the winter? That does not seem like anything I would do, or at least that's what I thought before this term. 

It can be challenging to stay active, especially in weather that makes my ears ache. The absence of sun does take a toll on my motivation, and I find myself in no way inclined to be more active than making it to class every day. 

However, Dartmouth has a Physical Education or Wellness Education (PE/WE) requirement for all undergraduate students. The requirement consists of three PE/WE credits, which entails me taking a PE/WE course for three of the terms that I will be on campus at Dartmouth. Students who participate in intercollegiate varsity sports and club programs, the Marching Band, ROTC and certain approved dance groups on campus can earn their credit through these activities and do not need to take additional PE/WE classes. 

The list of classes available is extensive, including swimming, skating, snowboarding, yoga, and even sailing during the summer! The classes do include an additional course fee that varies depending on the course. This is where the Office of Physical Education & Recreation together with the Financial Aid Office offer assistance, through a Physical Education Discount for students who receive financial aid at Dartmouth. Students who are receiving a substantial scholarship with a high level of need will receive a 100% discount on the course fee. Students ranging from a low to medium level of need will receive a 50% discount on the course fee. However, for the discount to apply, students must show up for the classes and pass the course, otherwise the full course fee will be charged.  

This term I am taking a Zumba class for PE credit! The class meets twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays for a duration of one hour, which is not an inconvenient commitment for me to make. Zumba is a form of fitness that involves cardio and Latin-inspired dance, which I have found to be extremely fun and a great way to release academic stress during the week. It's even better because I am taking the class with a few of my friends! This course has been keeping me active in this weather and I am looking forward to taking more PE/WE courses in the coming terms.

At the Zumba Class
At Zumba Class!

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