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Dartmouth has a variety of dining options during the day, but have you ever wondered where you can get a bite to eat at night? Dartmouth has various spots for late-night snacks, whether mid-study sessions or just looking for a bite to eat with friends. 

After dinner, the Class of '53 Commons (aka FoCo) closes around 8:30 pm. However, they reopen from 9:30 pm to 1:30 am for "FoCo Late Night". The food consists of delicious fried options like chicken tenders, quesadillas, fries, and mac & cheese. They also have drinks, coffee, and ice cream. This is not the all-you-can-eat buffet style that FoCo offers throughout the day. Students can buy individual items for the cost of a meal swipe for Dining Dollars (DBA). I highly recommend the ice cream, which is what I usually get. "Late Night" runs every day of the week!

Other options include the Snack Bars, which are located at many points on campus. These snack bars are open most days of the week, from around 10:00 pm to 2 am. These primarily include snacks, like candy, chocolate, and drinks. However, they do have a wide variety of ramen! You can also find vending machines that are always open for use; there is one in the building that I live in!

The one place I frequently use for late-night snacks is the 24/7 snack bar, Back of the Napkin, in the Engineering and Computer Science building, pictured above. Based on popular demand, the once student-run 9 to 5 snack bar was automated to run at all hours. They have a wide variety of options, including a coffee and tea bar. Back of the Napkin is a great option to have, especially for someone who spends a lot of time in the Engineering building!

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