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An image of a large bonfire burning against the night sky, surrounded by Dartmouth College students.

It is that time of the year again- Homecoming Weekend. Alumni flock from all around for this eventful weekend. It is the perfect time to ask friends to visit Dartmouth as well!

The festivities started with the DARToberfest, providing food and drinks near the Alumni Gym. There was also the opportunity to tour the Baker Bell Tower, which is the highest point on any campus building. The climb is steep, but the view is worth it!

The view of Dartmouth College campus from the Baker Bell Tower
The view from the tower when I climbed it!

Around 7 p.m. all the freshman started their parade towards the bonfire, making stops at each freshman dorm to collect more students. 

The bonfire is a giant wooden structure with the graduating year of the first-year class on top of it. It is constructed by the freshman class, with professional help of course. The bonfire has been specially designed to collapse in the safest way possible. While it is burning, it is surrounded by a tall fence to stop students from touching the fire or being harmed by it. 

The entire freshman class ran one lap around the bonfire to celebrate the Class of 2027! Unfortunately, since it was raining this weekend, the bonfire did not burn as brightly as the year before. 

On Saturday, all the homecoming games took place! I stopped by the American football team's game against Columbia, which took place at the Memorial Field. The rain was relentless so it was not possible to stay for long, but Dartmouth won against Columbia!

For homecoming weekend, the college tightens security to ensure that all the students are well protected. Greek spaces can only be entered by students with a Dartmouth identification card. Students only have access to their own dormitories for the weekend, and none of the residential buildings are open to the public. 

Well, now it's Sunday and the stress has settled back in. After a weekend of relaxing, I find myself spending my Sunday preparing for week seven! Until next time.

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