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I thought I was prepared, but nothing truly prepares a tropical person for snow. When I fell asleep the ground was green but when I woke up, it was white. There is something peaceful about an early morning with freshly fallen snow, before it has been cleared off the roads and trampled by students. The light from the streetlamps makes it look like a scene from Narnia.  

It seems surreal to walk in the snow to class. I would never imagine myself in this position if I were to look back a few years. However, when it comes to winter, my mindset is to embrace it!

There are so many fun winter activities that make winter so much fun! There are skiing and snowboarding lessons at the Dartmouth Skiway that are regularly sponsored by different clubs. There is also ice skating at Occom Pond when it freezes over! Hot chocolate and marshmallows are regularly available as well. There are so many aspects of winter at Dartmouth to look forward to.

To deal with the cold weather, the college awards $300 L.L. Bean gift cards to low-income freshmen, to buy warm layers and coats. This is enough to buy one good jacket and multiple base layers. 

The snow that fell last week melted immediately the following day, but it was a good preview of what we are in for!

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