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If you didn't physically visit campus before choosing Dartmouth, how did you make the decision to enroll? What factors influenced your decision?

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This is a very good question! I faced a unique challenge as an international student applying during the COVID-19 pandemic—I couldn't physically visit the campuses of the schools I was admitted to, including Dartmouth. To make this crucial decision, I relied on a combination of online research, insights from current Dartmouth students, and perhaps a touch of intuition.

The standout factor that heavily influenced my decision was Dartmouth's remarkable alumni network. On the day I received Dartmouth's offer, Lei '06, Admissions Director of Dartmouth in China, sent me warm congratulations. Chris '98, my alumni interviewer, and others from the Beijing alumni reunion embraced me into the Big Green Family with unmatched enthusiasm. The tight-knit bonds that rapidly formed through this extraordinary institution left me wonderstruck. Dartmouth is not a cold institution but one big family in the woods.

Another significant factor in my decision was the combination of extensive research and intuition. It became clear that Dartmouth offered me the space I needed for personal growth and ensured my overall well-being. The university's unique D-plan system, characterized by its brisk yet flexible structure, promised both challenges and rewards that I was eager to embrace. Moreover, the incredibly accomplished and supportive professors, coupled with the abundant research and study abroad opportunities, made it evident that Dartmouth was the place where I could reach my full potential.

Last but not least, I have to emphasize the importance of physical well-being. Dartmouth's living and dining conditions were a crucial part of my decision. Dartmouth has solid living and dining conditions! Just as Virginia Woolf once wisely said, 'One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.' As a somewhat picky eater living, I can confidently say that Dartmouth's dining options and dorm conditions are solid. Furthermore, Dartmouth's DOC trips that take place throughout the weeks ensure that I can always find solace in nature.

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