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In my last blog, I introduced some of Dartmouth's research opportunities to first-year students. This blog will provide an overview of more first-year research opportunities. Programs such as the Undergraduate Research Assistantships at Dartmouth (URAD) and the Leslie Center for the Humanities are just the beginning of what makes research at Dartmouth accessible and genuinely transformative for students.

Undergraduate Research Assistantships at Dartmouth (URAD)

At the core of Dartmouth's commitment to undergraduate research is the Undergraduate Research Assistantships at Dartmouth (URAD) program. URAD offers all students the chance to work closely with faculty on ongoing research projects, providing a unique hands-on learning experience across various fields. Whether contributing to a study in environmental science, assisting with a psychology experiment, or helping analyze historical documents, URAD assistantships are a gateway to the vast world of academic research.

Leslie Center for the Humanities

Leslie Center for the Humanities offers student research fellowships to conduct independent mentored research projects. The fellowship provides students up to $1,800 to currently enrolled students for faculty-supervised research or creative projects in the humanities. 

Finding a Research Mentor

Finding a research mentor at Dartmouth is remarkably straightforward and accessible. The college facilitates this process through an online database of faculty research projects, which provides a direct channel for students to engage with professors whose interests mirror their own. This proactive approach underscores Dartmouth's commitment to research, highlighting the institution's openness and the faculty's eagerness to guide the next generation of scholars. This approachable system ensures that students can easily connect with faculty whose interests align with theirs, fostering meaningful academic relationships from the beginning. Additionally, students can approach professors whose classes they enjoy to find a mentor and join a lab/project. 

No matter your class year or area of interest, there are opportunities and various avenues to get involved with research!

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