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A picture of the Baker-Berry Library in the snow

Happy New Year, and a huge congratulations to the Early Decision '28s who got in (and best of luck to our Regular Decision applicants this year)! In this post, I'd like to reflect on my first term at Dartmouth and how Dartmouth has already shaped my journey in 2024!

A picture of the Baker-Berry Library in the snow under the clear blue sky
Baker-Berry Library in the snow—isn't it so pretty? You can also see the ice rink on the green!

My impression of Dartmouth so far revolves around its boundless opportunities and myriad possibilities. The sheer volume of daily emails detailing campus events, student organizations, and various centers is a testament to the extensive offerings. Whether it's the diverse array of student clubs, the adventures facilitated by the Dartmouth Outing Club, or the creative pursuits in Collis After Dark and the Jewelry, Ceramics, and Woodshop studios, I am continually astounded by the wealth of resources available to me.​

Last term, I explored a lot in terms of my major and career plans. My Linear Algebra class has left a lasting impression on me (for magically helping me find inner peace), and to my surprise, I'm now considering pursuing a math major. As I got involved in a few career-oriented clubs (Dartmouth Investment and Philanthropy Program, Women in Business, and Smart Woman Securities), I found myself really enjoying business! I will continue to explore this further through my future engagements (and I will elaborate on this in my later posts). Additionally, my Dartmouth Outing Club trips and bracelet-crafting in the jewelry studio added a delightful dimension to my experiences.

Despite the enriching experiences, there are still so many things that I did not have the chance to do, and my biggest regret was not being able to utilize Dartmouth's resources to the fullest. Various missed opportunities, from lectures by the Political Economy Project to the Women in Science Project research program, weigh on me. Thinking back to these opportunities, I think about all of the people I would have met. Juggling everything on my plate is hard, but with all this being said, I will try to make up for any regrets from last term. I look forward to sharing more about the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. Stay tuned for updates on my exploration of math, business, and the many facets of life at Dartmouth!

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