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The River

As a junior student, you would expect me to know the Dartmouth campus like the back of my hand. While that's true to some degree, the four remote terms I've taken means that there are many "Dartmouth experiences" that I have not yet tried. This week, I enjoyed experiencing Dartmouth from a fresh perspective! Since my girlfriend Jenny came to visit for the weekend (who came to Hanover for the first time!), I was able to not only see some of my favorite activities from a new lens, but also try some new things as well! 

Enjoying brunch at Lou's, which have some of the most delicious pies and breakfast sandwiches!

To make the most out of Jenny's trip, I wanted to show her some of my favorite things about Dartmouth. We did some work in Baker Library, danced at the annual Fallapalooza concert and at my fraternity, and of course, enjoyed brunch at my favorite spot in Hanover: Lou's Restaurant and Bakery! While I had done all these things several times already, it was amazing to see how excited Jenny got about all that Dartmouth has to offer. In fact, it brought a fresh perspective to my Dartmouth experience as I realized how many things I had taken for granted, from being able to bump into friends almost anywhere I went to getting artists such as the Social House in our own backyard! 

What was better about introducing some of my favorite things to Jenny was experiencing new ones together! The river is one of the most popular spots for students during the Spring and Summer, as it's a great place to have a swim (or canoe/kayak/sunbathe) with your friends. It's only a short walk from the heart of campus, and the swim dock is for Dartmouth students only. Although I've heard about the river and even saw it countless times on social media, I've never actually been since I haven't been on campus in the Spring or Summer yet. Therefore, I decided to take a walk there this weekend and finally see it for myself! The river did not disappoint, and my first trip there will definitely be a memory I hold on to. Although the weather has already turned a little chilly, I loved being able to take a quick dip and enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon. 

Walking at River
Taking a stroll by the river!

Ever since I've been back on campus, people have asked me what it's like to be back after over a year away. So far, I've always answered that it feels just the same as before. Although I was happy that I was able to get back into the swing of things so quickly, I now realize I might have taken parts of Dartmouth for granted. Jenny's visit definitely opened my eyes to how special campus can be, and all the great things Dartmouth has to offer! From concerts with just the student body in the middle of the Green (the heart of campus) to short walks to a natural river, there's so much I have to look forward to in my next two years here! 

Vibing out at Fallapalooza to Social House!

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