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A picture of me about to eat a meal on the green.

Spring has sprung in Hanover and the term feels like it's really getting off the ground with classes starting up in full swing, warmer weather, and the occasional muddy day. It's been beautiful in Hanover lately, with the weather staying around 70 and sunny throughout the weekend. Inspired by the sunshine, I've been trying to spend as much time as possible outdoors, going on walks, eating meals outside with friends, and even sunbathing.

Spring is my first term on campus since the fall and it's definitely been fun to catch up with friends and return to my routines after a short spring break at home. I've been getting to my fall routines of working in Novack Café and grabbing food from the Class of '53 Commons, which is affectionately dubbed "Foco" by students. 

Beyond adjusting to on-campus life, the start of a new term means new classes. This term, I'm taking General Chemistry 2, a philosophy class called "God, Darwin, and the Cosmos," and an earth science class called "Big Data in Hydrology." While I've really been enjoying all of my classes, I'm especially excited about Big Data in Hydrology, which has been really interesting so far and recently transitioned to an in-person format. The 9-student class focuses on the application of the R programming language to massive amounts of hydrologic data, consisting of observations including precipitation, river discharge, runoff, and flooding. After we finish learning R, the second part of the class will be spent working towards a final project in which we analyze regional variations in hydrology, which I'm really excited about.

This term, I'm trying to focus on appreciating my time at Dartmouth, especially since my first year is marching towards a close. Focusing in on the moments, I'm really looking forward to spring term and sharing it with you guys!

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