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A landscape shot of reflective ice on a pond

1. Class Experience 

My course load for fall term was a bit hectic, so I'm looking forward to a course load that's a bit less jam packed. I'm going to be immersed in a combination of memoir writing, evolutionary earth science, and chemistry (so one lab class). My primary goal will be to learn as much as I can from the classroom experience as a whole and to not just absorb the material effectively. By this, I mean I'm going to try and glean as much insight as possible through everything from official lectures, to class discussions, to individual questions. I'm realizing the fact that education at Dartmouth doesn't just come from a linear path from Professor to student, but rather, that it comes from the amalgamation of interactions with amazing students and professors (not to mention that learning comes out of a dialogue, not a one-sided stream of information).

2. Research

While I'm attempting to secure a research program for this summer, I'm also looking for research opportunities on-campus as well. This blog post explores the research possibilities at Dartmouth way more thoroughly than I will talk about it here, but essentially I'm trying to find a project/lab that really resonates with my interests. Then, I'm going to reach out and see if I can get involved with the project. Once I'm actually conducting research, I can worry about getting  funding through UGAR (and later hopefully scholarship programs like Goldwater Scholars and Stamps Scholars).

3. Sleep

First year fall was a blast, but I'm trying to opt for less study sessions in the evenings and less trips to late night overall. While the Freshman dining plan (Ivy Unlimited!) does give you a "Late Night" swipe every single night, I'm finding that my wellbeing and productivity is enhanced when I go to late night more mindfully (given that my dorm building is a decent distance away). Sleep quality is enhanced by having more of a buffer between your last meal and bedtime, so "Late Night" doesn't quite mesh well with human biology. 

4. Food

I won't reveal too much about my opinion of Foco (our dining hall), but my goal here is to settle into a routine of eating the same basic meals consistently—that way I don't have to worry about choosing options. This may sound a bit lame since there are SO many options at Foco, but—in reality—I've just found that I would rather have consistency and not skirt around every station to assess every option, especially when the space is packed.

5. Outings

There were a few DOC trips I simply couldn't go to during fall term, so I'm hoping to take advantage of the winter sports scene and do some more outings! Particularly, skiing of all kinds, snowshoeing, and ice skating. My First Year Trip ended at Dartmouth's ski lodge, and I'm curious to see how the landscape changes when viewed through ski goggles as I slide precariously down the slope!

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