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Dorm view

One year ago, I was seriously studying for the "Why Dartmouth" essay. My browser was tab after tab of pages from the Dartmouth website, various YouTube student vlogs, and of course, blogs from People Places Pines. My response was overflowing with words. I had so many reasons to convey, but I haven't got a clue what to stress. Through coffee-powered nights and cramming sessions, I eventually squeezed in the most important bits in 100 words. Luckily, "Why Dartmouth 2.0" has a word count of around 500. So, without too much trouble, here's an updated version of my "Why Dartmouth":

The packet of all the things I need to know to survive here the moment I stepped foot on campus. How warmly my custodian welcomed me to the dorm. My first meal of pizza and pasta at Foco (our dining hall). The bond between a group of '26s who weren't allowed to shower for 3 days on First-Year Trips. The best chocolate cake I've ever tasted that was baked in an industrial kitchen in the middle of the woods. The new student orientation schedule that was fully packed from 9 AM to literally 8 PM. How awkward and funny it was on the first day I met my friends. How I had to learn new Dartmouth vocabulary just to understand the posts on Fizz (think Reddit but Dartmouth students only). The fact that my best friend lives only one floor above me. The first-ever course selection that had me and my friends counting down to 8 AM in an empty library. The "no electronic device" rule in my psychology class (which improves your retention rate!). The moment when I laid down on the Green at 1 AM to look at the stars. The Mighty Mozz sandwich that appears at Novack once every two weeks.

First meal
My first meal here :D
football game
My first football game!

The midnight swipes that allow me to have a collection of 16 Twix candies. The moment when my computer science TA replied to my email and said he can recheck all my codes. The fact that we have CS office hours available every day all day. An open dance group called Street Soul that got me exercising again. The random conversations in the laundry room that consists of useful facts and questionable information. The dances in the middle of the old golf field at 3 AM with a bunch of friends. The first football game I've ever watched while I froze in the stands. Family-style Chinese dinners with my friends at Han Fusion. The run from the gym to my dorm without a jacket on. The fall foliage right outside my window every morning. The hilarious pictures and videos I have of my friends that I will post on their birthdays.

dance poster
My first dance show here :)
night view
View while walking back to my dorm without a jacket on :(

The 2nd version of my "Why Dartmouth" is a bit different as you might imagine. Though I really liked my first version, I'm constantly updating my "Why Dartmouth" every day. The longer I'm here, the more I realize I'm growing to love Dartmouth more and more.

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