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If you've been researching Dartmouth, then chances are that you have heard of a thing called a "D-Plan." What is this? How does it work? How does it affect life here in Hanover, and how do we use it to our advantage? Most importantly: what do Dartmouth students do outside of term-time? 

Well, to start, the D-Plan is just a fancy name for the unique term system Dartmouth uses. We run on a quarter system, but instead of all students taking the standard Fall, Winter, Spring cycle of terms, students are encouraged and offered the opportunity to pick and choose which terms they take classes! First and final year students must of course complete a standard term schedule in order to ensure some level of continuity, but for sophomores and juniors, the choice is theirs!

Many students will choose their terms around classes offered, climate, international or internship opportunities, or even just when their friends will be around, but one requirement is in place: all students must complete at least one summer on campus (except international students, due to visa requirements). I, as an international student, however, took my sophomore year summer off and just did research to fund myself staying on campus. Most students choose to take the sophomore summer as their summer term, as there is a tradition of doing so that goes back to the beginnings of the D-Plan.

Studying hard or hardly studying?

So, what do students actually do in their "off-terms?" During my Freshman Summer, I decided to go back to England to spend some time with my family and complete a virtual internship. I was also, however, able to become so deeply involved with a research project that I am now a co-author on it. I also took the time to unwind after my first year of college, as it can be an adjustment! Next summer (in my junior year) I will be interning in Sales and Trading in NYC, which is also super exciting! Students tend to reserve their Junior Summer as the summer which they will do an internship, or some other experiential learning experience. 

Other extremely popular options for terms not at Dartmouth are within the extensive study-abroad offerings we have. These terms are "on-terms" as you are getting class credit; however, they occur in different locations than Dartmouth. Last term, for example, a lot of my friends studied abroad in Rome, and my girlfriend is going to Hong Kong in a few weeks on an engineering program! The best part? These programs are all covered by financial aid so you won't pay more than you would if you were on-campus.

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