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A shot from GIle FireTower showing the surrounding landscape

Dartmouth is a funny place – it sometimes feels like a time machine, except you can't travel backwards in time. It can sometimes feel like a TV show (or a multivariable calculus youtube tutorial) on 2x speed – blink and you'll miss it, except you can't scroll back to re-watch. I woke up yesterday and went on First-Year Trips. I then did the Lou's challenge and stayed up all night before heading to Lou's Diner at 6 am. It was only a few short hours afterwards that I walked around the searing hot flames of the Homecoming Bonfire, right before I did The Fifty, and committed to my leap into Occom Pond in the Polar Plunge. My first (and second) Green Key was yesterday too, and as afternoon eventually fell I ran to a packed concert to listen to incredible music played by some of my favorite artists. I fell asleep dreaming about Dartmouth, and thinking about all of the assignments I would have to fit around having such an amazing time – yesterday was a good day. Yesterday, was a great day.

Then today, I woke up. I woke up and I was a sophomore – nay – a Rising Junior about to partake in the revered Sophomore Summer. Wow, so much happened yesterday, I think. I think about it, and I think about how awesome it was. How much fun I had. If only I could do it all again. But, alas, in real life (at least for now) there are no time machines – nor can we relive fond memories. 

A beautiful shot of Quechee Gorge
I cannot wait to get back into nature in the summer!

Then I am reminded, that those memories still exist, and that an era half complete, is also an era with half left to go. This may sound like a more solemn blog of mine, but in actuality, my adoration of the past two years is only a testament to how mind-bogglingly awesome Dartmouth has been – and I'M ONLY HALF WAY THROUGH! I'll be starting Sophomore Summer soon (without classes too since I'll be doing research), and I cannot wait for a summer of scorching weather, lawn games, and exploring the Upper Valley in a season unknown to me. Ask nearly any upperclassman on campus, and they'll tell you Sophomore Summer is the best time they've had here at Dartmouth – and that sets a high bar, believe me. 

So, it in looking back toward my fond memories of Dartmouth College so far, that I am not left with longing for a gone past, but satisfaction, in that I squeezed the juice out of every second of life in this place. I encourage everyone reading this to do the same, and I implore you also to try to find a place that will make you want to do so every day – I am lucky and honored to say I found that in Dartmouth. While watching the Seniors prepare to leave has me sad to see them go, I cannot wait to see what a new year (and a new class of Dartmouth students) will bring! Roll on Summer!

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