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Trees and a Plane

Over Sophomore Summer, I was lucky enough to remain on campus on an off term committing myself to research, rather than having classes. At a place as rigorous as Dartmouth, breaks like these are totally necessary. I love the classes I take here, but things can get tiring at times, and after a couple of consecutive terms, burnout is a real risk! Also, being an international student, some pretty niche visa rules meant it was unfeasible for me to take classes over the summer, so I elected to do research instead!

Hanover is an incredible place to be during the summer – the river is filled each day with students swimming and sunbathing on the dock, the campus is much emptier and there are no lines for food. The entire campus holds a much more relaxed atmosphere. Coming off this term, then, there was certainly always going to be a degree of shock to the system with the workload of a regular term hitting me at full speed!


Fast forwarding to the present, then, I find myself having to really push myself to keep a strict routine. I go to the library to study (I live in my Greek house this term and it is easy to get caught up in conversations with people), I go to bed at a reasonable time (midnight is super early for me), and I have already planned out my workload for the term. Being prepared is the number one priority in a place like this!

If I had any advice for people aspiring to study here, it would be to start preparing and being organized now! Not only is it a great habit to develop that will stick with you during college and beyond, but it is essential to attaining success in your college search! Begin thinking about those pesky college essays, block out your high school study times, and reach out to teachers to ask how you can improve! I can promise you that organization is the cornerstone of all aspects of success in life. I, of course, am a huge hypocrite: I go to bed late often, I don't always get all of my work done, and I forget things. So long as you are trying your best and being kind to yourself, though, good things will come to you

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