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Pumpkins on the Dartmouth Green

Homecoming weekend at Dartmouth is definitely one of my favorite fall term traditions. Usually situated smack-dab in the middle of midterm season, this weekend is a great time to unwind with friends, connect with alumni, welcome the '27s to campus, and cheer on sports teams!

Friday evening is when many of the festivities begin. The homecoming bonfire, set up on the Green, is lit and attended by first-years, upperclassmen, alumni, and Upper Valley residents alike. I unfortunately could not make the bonfire this year, but one of my friends was kind enough to send me a photo of the fire in all its glory. Despite the pouring rain, the flames stayed alive!

The homecoming bonfire
The fire is partially constructed by students, and it's probably the tallest fire you'll ever see in your life. This was my favorite part of homecoming during my first year!

My Saturday was full of sporting events. In the afternoon, the Dartmouth football team played against Columbia - and we won! To this day I still don't understand football, but I enjoy going for the camaraderie.

Lili and friends at the homecoming football game
Some friends and I getting rained on at the game :)

Later that evening, the Dartmouth men's soccer team played against Cornell. We lost, but my friends and I still had fun eating Indian food in our front-row seats. I have turned into such a shameless soccer groupie this term.

Soccer players on Burnham Field
They're stronger than me…I would be freezing to death if I was wearing shorts.

By Sunday, most of the homecoming events have come to a close. I was lucky enough to visit with two alums from my dance troupe, which was such a lovely surprise! It was also really sweet to see families and loved ones on campus - Dartmouth felt really alive.

I spent most of Sunday doing work for the upcoming week, but I had the chance to take a quick walk - where I saw some beautiful fall foliage. There's nothing quite like fall in Hanover! This fall, I'm really trying to take everything in as much as possible, since my (potential) D-plan has me taking next fall as an off term. I'll miss the beauty of Dartmouth in the fall - and homecoming - but I'm glad this year was a fun one.

Fall foliage on campus
Just gorgeous!

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