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Occom pond frozen over

Sometimes, I think I'm more like a bear than I'd like to admit. When it's cold out, all I want to do is bundle up and hibernate in my room! As ideal as this may sound, it just isn't realistic as a busy college student. Recently, I've been encouraging myself to get out more often and embrace the colder months here at Dartmouth.

I'm not an outdoorsy or athletic person by any means, but I try to get outside and take walks around campus! My favorite way to do so is by taking a Woccom - a looping walk around Occom Pond - with friends. I'm not entirely sure how long the loop takes, but I can assure you it provides my friends and I plenty of time to chat and debrief together. While on woccoms, it's not uncommon to see other students running, local Hanover residents walking their dogs, and even deer frolicking in the snow! No matter the season, a Woccom brings a smile to my face, so when the world seems darker and colder during winter, a Woccom definitely brightens my day. It's also so cool to see how the pond looks throughout the year; right now, it's beautifully frozen over! Soon, we'll likely get to go ice skating on it, too. 

Another way I get myself outside is to schedule some time with friends! This seems simple enough, but between going to classes and grinding in the library, it's difficult to find time to relax, grab a meal, and hang out! I'm still working on this aspect of my life, but at the moment, I try to schedule in a few meals and/or hangouts with friends each week. With the D-plan (our quarter system) in place, friends come and go as they take off terms or study abroad - so it is crucial to find some time to see them before they're possibly gone next term! I personally love to get meals with some of my sorority sisters, classmates, and teammates from my dance troupe! Though I see these friends in designated spaces - like in class - it's always nice to spend time more casually, and have fun!

Speaking of fun, I have found so much joy and fulfillment in trying new things. My new activity of the term is snowboarding! Last winter, I took ski lessons through the Dartmouth PE program: I learned at the Dartmouth Skiway and borrowed all of my gear through the college! Although I wasn't very good at skiing, I found it to be a fantastic way to get outdoors and try something I had never done before. This time around, I decided to sign up for snowboarding lessons for similar reasons. I was so nervous to begin, since I'd heard how steep the learning curve was, but I can confidently say that after two lessons I am loving snowboarding! I'm so excited to continue my lessons throughout the rest of the term - maybe by the end of it, I'll find the bravery to actually go up the ski lift.

Finally - and this may be the most difficult to carry out - I have been trying to get out of Hanover more often! Don't get me wrong, Hanover is a beautiful town, but staying in the same town every single day can feel confining at times. It's always nice to get a change of scenery! Luckily, Hanover is surrounded by other amazing places to explore. I don't have a car on campus - hence why I say this task is a little more difficult - but I have some friends with cars, which is how I get around! Recently, we took a trip to West Lebanon, one of Hanover's neighboring towns and got a yummy breakfast at a diner. Even something as simple as a diner breakfast made my day, because it was out of the ordinary for my daily routine on campus!

There are so many more ways to get out and find time for yourself and loved ones, and I'm excited to do even more as the term progresses. I'm hoping to also attend some sporting events, try the new breakfast spot in town, go sledding at the golf course, and do the Polar Bear Plunge during Winter Carnival! Until then, stay warm and bundled up but hopefully not just inside your room!

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