A seagull at the beach on the south fork of Long Island
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Me walking outside on a colorful fall day wearing overalls

Hello! My name is Lauren. Welcome to my first blog post! 

I have been involved with this blog for some time now, on the logistical/editing side, but now I am a blogger myself! Tell me about yourself is quite literally my least favorite question, so I will just list a few fun facts about myself: I have two corgis whom I have taught how to boogie board, I am obsessed with Sour Patch Watermelon (the normal Sour Patch Kids are unacceptable), I live on a vegetable farm, and I can make fantastic peach salsa. Another critical point to make is that I have a deep passion for lemonade. I firmly believe that if I could successfully, I would drink lemonade for the rest of my life and never drink plain water again. I also have strong opinions on lemonade brands and their consequent flavor ranking.

My two corgis smiling outside

I love being outdoors and embracing Hanover for all it has to offer. As noted in my profile, I adore swimming and jumping into bodies of water—like the Connecticut River. I have done a few spontaneous hikes with my friends around the Upper Valley; mountains are new to me, coming from the glacial plain that is Long Island. Another new outdoor activity Dartmouth has introduced me to is skiing. An email popped up on my computer that the Dartmouth Skiway had ski lessons for beginners for P.E. credit; intrigued and incentivized, I signed myself up to learn how to ski.

A friend and I jumping into the Connecticut River
Me and my roommate skiing in Montana. We are posing at the top of the mountain

I am a part of various organizations on campus and am always looking for new opportunities and adventures to immerse myself in. One thing about me is that I'm always willing to try something new. At Dartmouth, I started dancing contemporary and jazz through the Fusion Dance ensemble after 15 years of strictly classical ballet. After eight years of taking Spanish, I started taking Latin at Dartmouth and now work as a Learning Fellow in introductory Latin courses. I plan to study Anthropology at Dartmouth and focus on global health.

Me on top of Mt. Cardigan
Me dancing in front of Sanborn Library

Taking on the role of a blogger will be another new adventure for me. I can't wait to update you throughout this academic year and beyond. I don't know what my blog will consist of, but I can't wait to figure it out; however, there will most likely be a post about the dogs (and, more importantly, corgis) that I encounter in Hanover. 

Me and friends eating on the lawn of Dartmouth Hall
Friends and I standing in front of the homecoming bonfire

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