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Two dogs outside of a car window on snow main street

I will never get over how fast winter term is at Dartmouth. It is ten weeks long, like all of Dartmouth's academic terms, but it always seems to go by in the blink of an eye.

Coming into Dartmouth last year, I was apprehensive about the winter and the cold, but winter can be an incredibly fun term! I went through my camera roll and pulled some of my favorite pictures from my winter term and some fun winter activities and traditions! 

snowy photo of Dartmouth Hall and photo of two dogs outside a car window on snowy main street

The snowball fight: Perhaps one of my favorite nights of winter term, on the first substantial snowfall of the winter term, Dartmouth students get an email from Theodore Geisel—Dr. Seuss, Dartmouth class of 1925—inviting students to go out onto the Green (the main quad) and have a school-wide snowball fight. It is so much fun.

Photos of the snow covered trees and a pile of friends at the snowball fight

I finally went to Boston! This trip was my first time using the Dartmouth Coach to get to Boston—despite it being an incredibly convenient and doable trip. Before this trip, my only Dartmouth Coach experience was through NYC, going to and from Dartmouth. I went down with my roommate and some friends one weekend; we explored and went shopping! Here is a photo of my roommate Nikki in front of Dartmouth Street in Boston!

Nikki pointing to the Dartmouth Street sign in Boston!

Skiing! I went skiing with my friend Alison on the Dartmouth Skiway. The Skiway is a convenient 20 minutes away from campus, and Dartmouth even runs a shuttle to the Skiway during the winter. I took weekly ski lessons last winter, so it was nice to get back to the Skiway this year and see if I had lost my ability to ski (Update: I can still ski).

Photo of Alison and I on the ground at the skiway and a photo of us on the lift!

I looked at a whole lot of fossils: One of my anthropology courses, Human Evolution, is very hands-on. Each week, we go to the paleoanthropology lab and study fossil casts. Consequently my camera roll is almost entirely fossils. Here is a picture of a Sivapithecus (and an orangutan skull) and Lucy!

Sivapithecus skull and an orangutan skull and Lucy, the famous Australopithecus afarensis

Intramural ice hockey: Last year, some friends and I joined IM hockey to play in the housing community tournament (every first-year student is sorted into a housing community—think Hogwarts—which competes in the "house cup" through IM sporting events). This year, I jumped at the opportunity to do IM hockey again!

Picture of Thompson arena and of my team!

Ice skating: Ice skating at Lake Morey was a random week eight discovery. Unfortunately, Occom Pond—the pond at the northern end of campus—never froze enough for any Dartmouth-sanctioned skating or the annual polar bear plunge. My friends and I discovered that 20 minutes away, there was an inn that offered figure skating rentals. We were there on their last day of the season. I will definitely be back in years to come!

dog looking at camera while being pet
This is a bonus photo of a happy golden retriever I encountered on my way to Molly's, a dinner favorite of mine and my friends.

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