A typically beautiful evening glow over the Green
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A photo of Wheeler Hall, with Fairchild and Wilder Halls in the distance. The ground is covered with snow and it is cloudy.

Well, well, well. It's that time of the term again! Somehow, midterm season has already come (and gone, for some students) on campus. This time around, I felt much more confident and prepared for my tests and essays. 

If you recall from my blog posts in the fall, midterms at Dartmouth can occur pretty much anytime between the third and seventh weeks of the term. For my winter classes, I had all of my midterms during the fifth week. Although this seemed daunting at first, I was actually excited to "get them over with" all at once.

To study for my Latin midterm, I used some of the same strategies that garnered me success on last term's final. Thankfully, my professor provided us with a sample midterm and copious amounts of time to prepare for the test. We also have the opportunity to attend "Help Desk," where a professor and two previous students provide study help on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

But what do you do beyond completing the study guide? The answer to this question looks different for everyone and can vary greatly from course to course. When I'm studying Latin, I like to use online platforms such as Quizlet to review vocabulary terms. I also look back on previous quizzes and try to identify problem areas and gaps in my knowledge. 

Greek Athletics, my Classics course this term, had both a midterm and an essay. For this course, I reviewed my notes and reread our assigned materials. I actually found it beneficial to be studying for multiple exams at the same time, because switching between the topics provides a sort of "break" and helps prevent me from becoming burnt out.

Of course, in addition to switching between topics, I took actual breaks! Last term, I could go on spontaneous walks to Pine Park or sunbathe on the Green to relax. Now, I have been exploring some cool indoor spaces on campus between study sessions. Some of my favorite study break stops recently have been The Fern, a cafe in the Irving Institute for Energy, and my friend's dorm rooms.

A photo of the Tower Room at night. It is empty, and the lights are dim. There are many green chairs in the foreground and two tables with chairs in the photo.
Spaces like the Tower Room also make studying a bit more enjoyable!

During midterm season, I have also been placing emphasis on reaching out to my friends. As I've mentioned before, I work better when I have company. It's always nice to look up when studying and see a friendly face!

In Law, Literature, and Justice, my first year writing seminar, I had an essay to complete about Sophocles' Antigone. I really enjoyed the writing and editing process, especially the peer-based component. Dartmouth claims that these seminars provide an opportunity to "participate in a course structured around independent research, small group discussion, and intensive writing," and that's definitely been my experience so far. I love the small class size, which makes it easier for my professor to help us all improve our abilities as writers.

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