A typically beautiful evening glow over the Green
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A photo of the Green on a sunny day. There is a group of students playing hacky sack, and other students lounging on the grass.

Walking around campus on a sunny day always puts me in a great mood. I spend as much time outside as possible, especially since the weather in Hanover has been so beautiful lately! One of my favorite places to soak up the sun is on the Green. 

On the Green, which serves as the heart of Dartmouth's campus, students engage in a variety of activities—including picnicking with Green2Gos (takeout containers from dining locations like FoCo and the Hop), studying, hanging out with friends, and getting some energy out by playing sports. Some of the most popular sports on the Green are Spikeball, Frisbee, and volleyball. But if you spend enough time on the Green, you'll see a wide range of activities—from hacky sack to slack lines! Club sports teams use the Green to get some outdoor practice time in, and many students jog or run around the Green too. 

Many students bring their own sports equipment from home, but if you don't have anything to play with, there's no need to worry! Collis has a free rental system for sports equipment. And joining in a game that's already going on can be a great way to meet new friends! There's never a dull moment on the Green, and I think it represents the spirit of Dartmouth incredibly well. I always run into my friends, and it's a great place to unwind and catch up with each other. 

Winter in Hanover was great. Campus was beautiful, I enjoyed skiing and sledding, and a warm jacket made getting around campus more than manageable. Despite that, I was looking forward to warmer weather, and I'm excited it's finally paid off!

Since the Green is located at the center of campus, there's no excuse not to enjoy it. One of my favorite memories on the Green was just a couple of days ago—on a Friday afternoon, my friends and I emerged from the Class of 1953 Commons (FoCo) after lunch to sunny weather and a Kona Ice truck. We grabbed a (free!) sweet treat and then headed toward the Green. I wasn't planning on stopping, but the warm weather was too much to resist. I talked to a few of my friends and classmates, then hopped into a game of Spikeball! After that game dispersed, I took a break to sit with my friends and read a book (for fun)! One of my goals for spring term is to get back into reading casually, and the Green is a great place to do just that. I kicked around a soccer ball for a bit and then gathered up a group to go eat dinner with. Spring term has been my favorite so far because it's conducive to so many spontaneous adventures. Although I could have spent that Friday afternoon in the library, my mental health benefited greatly from a few hours on the Green.

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