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Dartmouth as the spring rolls in!

I wrote the same blog post one year ago. I wrote my Why Dartmouth? essay three years ago (it's crazy how old I am). I've been answering this question for a while: Why Dartmouth? I did it for myself, then for prospective '27s, and now for future '28s and beyond. What's nice is that while the main ideas remain the same, I can always find new reasons to convince you to create a home at Dartmouth. Let's try: 

Why Dartmouth?

Firstly, Dartmouth's strong legacy of academic rigor and its push to create intellectual curiosity both in and outside the classroom is a unique experience. I've visited many of my friends at schools across the country, and yet Dartmouth remains a place where students are more than just a name on a classroom roster. The teaching is intimate yet wide-reaching; through its liberal arts education, Dartmouth offers many opportunities to cultivate a holistic learning experience

Secondly, Dartmouth's campus life and traditions make it what it is. Dartmouth's community is super small and tight-knit, so we're clued in on a specific set of traditions, vocabulary, rules, and regulations that only apply at Dartmouth. These conventions take a while to get into, but once you're two years in and fully immersed in the world of Dartmouth, students from all backgrounds can thrive.

Thirdly, the location is a blessing—if you let it be one! The fact that Dartmouth is located in rural New Hampshire hinders people from wanting to come up here, as some choose city life for their college experience. I have friends who were unsure about Dartmouth in the fall of their first year and can't imagine their lives without college in the woods now. It is a beautiful pplace to go to college. I also have friends who always take trips to Boston and New York—so urban life is not hard to reach when need. As I said, it's truly what you make of it!

Ultimately, the decision lies on you, and your choice will eventually be right for you. Still, making an informed choice means envisioning yourself at each of your potential colleges. That means reaching out to professors, current students, alumni, etc. Please contact me if you'd like to talk about anything admissions-related!

All the best, and I'm sure you'll make the best choice for you :)

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