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The sunset at Santa Monica!

As I talked about in my last post, I'm currently in (mostly) sunny Los Angeles, California for my domestic study program (DSP for short!) with Dartmouth's Film & Media Studies program. While I do really miss Hanover and my friends (what's not to miss about sub-zero temperatures?!), I'm having a great time on the West Coast. Here are 5 super cool things I've done this week:

  1. Gone to the Getty Museum — The group of 15 students that are on the DSP and I got to go to the legendary Getty Museum in Brentwood, Los Angeles. The Getty is possibly one of the most stunning art museums I've been to, and the campus is nothing short of breathtaking. We spent the whole day seeing the most exquisite art and relaxing in the beautiful gardens that overlook the entire city of Los Angeles.
  2. Taken a tour of Warner Bros.! — Potentially the most important event of this term (yet) and my life (so far) was seeing where great shows like FRIENDS, The Big Bang Theory and many others were filmed. I also got to take pictures on the iconic couches from both those TV shows—too bad that each photograph was $25 a pop; otherwise, I would've shared it!
  3. Seen the best sunset in Santa Monica — To end our DSP orientation week, we got to go to the beautiful Santa Monica pier to watch the sunset. To say that it was beautiful is a gross understatement—it was jaw-dropping. I almost didn't want to take a picture; I just wanted to enjoy the moment for what it was (I couldn't resist, though!).
  4. Tried to learn how to 'adult' (kind of!) — One of the great things about Dartmouth's study programs is that, more often than not, you live in apartments/houses where you're responsible for yourself, which is a great preview into the life of an adult. I've been grocery shopping, doing my own dishes, and learning how to run a household with my roommates! (It's expensive but a great learning experience).
  5. Learned so much — I've genuinely learned more about the film industry and its inner workings in my last ten days of being in Hollywood than all the years I've spent reading up about it. I genuinely feel excited for what's to come and how much more I have to learn.

Stay tuned for my further adventures!

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