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Graphic that reads "HOW TO SPEAK DARTMOUTH DINING." Dartmouth green background.
Graphic reading "FOCO" and below, "Foco is the student body's term for The Class of 1953 Commons, Dartmouth's main dining hall. Unlike other dining locations, Foco runs on 'swipes' and is all-you-can-eat." Photo of Foco above.
Graphic reading "LIGHT SIDE" and below, "The brighter around level dining room in Foco. This dining room features mostly booths (both 2- and 4-person) and some long tables." Photo of light side above.
Graphic reading "DARK SIDE" and below, "The darker ground level dining room in Foco. It is known for its dark academia look, with wooden chairs and a vaulted ceiling." Photo of dark side above.
Graphic reading "LATE NIGHT" and a description of late night below.
Graphic reading "DBA" and a description of DBA below.

Swipe through the pictures on this post to learn some Dartmouth Dining Services (DDS) lingo!

Dartmouth students have devised countless phrases over the years. I was lucky enough to have a sister to teach me most of them before arriving on campus. This is me passing down that wealth of knowledge through a carousel of graphics.

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