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photo of first big snow taken on Main Street of Hanover

Throughout my first year at Dartmouth, I found myself getting involved with the Admissions Office in new ways every term. Here are the three on campus jobs I have with Admissions:

1. Admissions Blogger: As an avid reader of the blog prior to my acceptance, I found it as an incredibly insightful source into envisioning my life at Dartmouth, and how every blogger's experience gives me an idea of how I can create my own version of Dartmouth. Thus, I knew blogging for the Admissions Office was something I wanted to do at Dartmouth. During the summer before entering Dartmouth, I saw on Dartmouth Admissions' social media that they were accepting applications for People Places Pines (this blog!). A few days later, I submitted my application, was invited for an interview, and here I am! I view blogging for People Places Pines as an outlet to do something I enjoy: storytelling—and I get paid for it as well! In the midst of a fast-paced term, I find myself reflecting a lot on my time at Dartmouth, and I feel a little more grateful for the College. 

2. Campus Tour Guide: During my first winter term, I applied to be a campus tour guide, which is also a part of the Admissions Office; an interview later, I was offered the position and became a tour guide in training. The first half of spring term consisted of weekly training with the entire new cohort of tour guides, small group with a tour guide trainer, and tour guide partner (1-1) in order to prepare for the tour test. My tour guide trainer, Aidan '24, is one of the best tour guides I know; so, I loved meeting for small group training since he is such a joy to be around. After I passed my tour test, I began officially giving solo tours by myself half of spring term!

3. Admissions Communications Intern: As the position to be an communications intern for the Admissions Office opened in the spring, I was encouraged by my good friend Sydney '24 to apply since she previously held this role and is now a Senior Fellow for the Admissions Office! I found myself as I wanted to be involved with the blog in a larger capacity such as oversight, and engage in communications more broadly with the Office. After an interview, I was hired along with two other lovely interns Lauren '26 and Caroline '25 for the Admissions Office. We started training early on during the summer and have been working ever since!

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