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Ski Class

Of the numerous activities to do during winter term, one of my favorites so far has been skiing. Coming from a desert city in the South, I had never been skiing nor was it very accessible; so, when registration for snowsport PE classes opened, I of course had to enroll in ski classes. It's not at every school where you can learn how to ski, so I feel extra grateful that Dartmouth not only offers the accessibility for skiing, but also includes classes to learn.

This term, I decided to take two PE credits: group spinning and downhill skiing. Back home, I had a spin bike which was one of my favorite winterim hobbies, so I decided to enroll in a spin class this term (twice a week) as a way to continue this hobby, and also a way to keep being physically active despite the cold weather. Signing up for ski classes was a no-brainer for me since one of my goals this term was to try new activities outdoors—particularly skiing since Dartmouth also owns their own skiway 20 minutes from campus.

Dartmouth Snowsports Recreation for PE credit offers downhill skiing, telemark, and snowboarding with a variety of class options Friday, Saturday, and Sunday that can vary between early morning to the afternoon that is up to your own preference. Although a bit on the pricier end, the snowsport program offers 7 lessons, bus transportation to the Dartmouth Skiway, and ski/snowboard rentals (including getting fitted for our boots, skis, and poles). Additionally, if students are receiving financial aid from the College and attend at least 6 of the 7 classes, we are eligible for 50% or 100% reimbursement for the cost of the course; this discount program is not applicable for snowsports, but also any other PE course that has a class fee associated with it! 

Diana and Joanna
Blogger Diana '23 and I after our first ski class!

I decided to sign up for the 9:30 a.m. class every Sunday, which fellow blogger Diana '23 is also in! Because the classes are offered for beginner and intermediate skiers, we were grouped off based on experience on the first day of classes—those who did have prior experience were off to steeper slopes while my group and I started off on the baby magic carpet, which I was very anxious about in the beginning; however, after a few runs, my nerves went away as I felt more comfortable coming down. Our ski instructors also do a great job in spotting us, which made me feel safer that someone was watching me in case anything happened; our ski instructors are also fellow Dartmouth students, which is a great job opportunity for those interested in teaching classes if you meet the qualifications. As I'm halfway through my ski classes, so far they've been a lot of fun as I find myself looking forward to my Sunday mornings despite the trek of carrying my heavy boots and skis to the bus stop. My goal at the end is to make it out of the magic carpet and onto the ski lift, so I'll be sure to keep you all updated!

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