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My journey with food at Dartmouth has involved a lot of exploring. My gut health has not been the best, and I often found my body not feeling well after eating specific types of food. Thus, I started a gluten free diet in addition to being lactose intolerant. I was initially nervous about my food options at Dartmouth given my restrictions, but I've come to find Dartmouth Dining accommodating to my diet. Here are some finds at each major Dartmouth Dining Service (DDS) location:

1. The Class of 1953 Commons ("FoCo"): A particular aspect of FoCo I really appreciate is the menu TV screen at each station indicating any allergen symbols such as soy, wheat, and dairy that a specific dish contains; this alone helps me navigate the buffet-style dining hall. Furthermore, FoCo just opened an A9 station, a dining serving area that is free from the top nine allergens: dairy, eggs, peanuts, shellfish, tree nuts, fish, sesame, wheat, and soy—and naturally gluten free. I've had great experiences with getting my food from A9 as I've found it to be safe consuming the food I get at A9 as I know it doesn't have dairy while also being gluten free. Additionally, there is a gluten free freezer and pantry with gluten free frozen meals, pastries, breads, and snacks, which is available as part of the DDS inclusion and accommodation initiative. 

2. Collis: One of my most frequent meal locations of choice, Collis, offers various gluten free options throughout the day, but I like coming for dinner as they offer GF pasta and sushi (which should be naturally gluten free without the soy sauce). I am not a big pasta person, but I appreciate this option if I do end up craving some pasta with marinara that FoCo's pasta station contrastingly doesn't offer. When I am craving something simple, Collis' sushi station featuring sushi chefs is a classic go-to for me—my favorite being the tuna and shrimp rolls. I've never been a big soy sauce person, so when I switched to gluten free, it wasn't a concern of mine. 

3. Courtyard Cafe ("The Hop"): Although the Hopkins Center for the Arts is under reconstruction, Courtyard Cafe, which is inside The Hop, still remains easily accessible as the Hood Museum connects into this dining location. I love the salad bar at The Hop as they offer a multitude of salads that are made freshly when you order; my favorite has to be the "super salad", featuring a lemon vinaigrette dressing, kale base, and dried fruit—not to mention,there is also a "create your own salad" option, which I'm obsessed with. Furthermore, the Hop, known for its grill, features burgers, sandwiches, and egg burritos (which we call a "bob")—it's also important to note that these can also be made with gluten free wraps, buns, or bread! I've only gotten gluten free tortilla "bobs", and haven't tried the buns or breads, but I do appreciate having these alternatives. 

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