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I know that when choosing colleges, one of the largest aspects of the decision making process is focused heavily on the "vibe" a school has. I was fortunate enough to visit and tour many schools, but since not everybody has this opportunity, I thought I would take on the challenge of writing about Dartmouth's general community atmosphere. It is extremely hard to concisely and perfectly describe a lifestyle through writing, but I'll do my best and hope you find it helpful. 

The first word that comes into my mind when thinking about life at Dartmouth is "intense." Over the past eight weeks, I have been busier than I have probably ever been in my entire life. This description transcends into every aspect of life here. The 10-week quarters result in rigorous academic activity. Classes here are very fast paced and assignments can definitely add up quite quickly. Outside of schoolwork, there is a plethora of extracurricular groups and opportunities. Performance troupes and other non-academic activities (such as writing this blog!) also keep me very busy. Finally, I take any left over time to use up my (quite large) social battery. I love spending time with friends in any way possible, and have been surprised that even with COVID, we have found safe and enjoyable ways to get to know each other more. 

An interior shot of Berry Library, where I can often be found during the week when working on some assignments

As rigorous and tiresome days at Dartmouth can be, I wouldn't change anything for the world. I am a person that loves to be busy, so constant motion and a jam-packed schedule is simply the lifestyle I enjoy. I want to constantly explore as much as I can, learn about complex topics, and connect with incredible individuals both similar to and different from myself. Dartmouth has been able to provide me with a similar experience, and while it leads to quite the busy lifestyle, it also isn't overwhelming or too much to handle. 

With this said, some of my favorite moments from the past eight weeks have been the slowest and quietest. Walking down the stairs in front of Robinson Hall and feeling the autumn breeze as I head to the library, leaves floating past me. Sleeping in and waking up in the late hours of a Sunday morning, and opening my window to see Baker Tower grinning back at me. Hearing the crunching of popcorn as I laugh at a cheesy movie with friends from my building. Laying out on the Green into the late night hours in the first few weeks, talking with friends about anything and everything. Waving to friends across the room while removing my AirPods in the middle of Novack to absorb the background noise of joyful conversation. These are a handful of the countless momentary memories I'll remember and cherish for years to come. 

The view of my building I get to see every day on my walk back to my room after being out

Life at Dartmouth feels like an exercise routine. It is intense and you have to fully commit in order to achieve success. However, inside of stressful situations come breaths of peace; relaxing moments that make the laborious pursuits immediately worthwhile, and that is why I love the atmosphere at this school.

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