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I have always considered myself an introvert, but I've never really contextualized what that meant for my philosophy on life. Here at Dartmouth, I've quickly realized that being in such a healthy atmosphere allows you to better understand who you are as a person. Personally, I have begun to realize the need for introspection and recognizing your needs as the going gets tough. There are many times, especially during the first few weeks of your college career, that you will feel the need to go out, meet new people, explore, socialize etc. What I have realized is that, while it is so important that you do those things, those activities don't rise above the needs of your mental health. In essence, my introverted tendencies have allowed me to understand what truly makes me happy and recharged here at Darty!

I really take this perspective to heart. Of course, there are so many activities at Dartmouth (check out my last post) that you will want to partake in. That's amazing! For me, I had an amazing time on all of my hikes, fishing trips, golf outings, and club events, but my "social battery" was largely drained afterward. The first step is acknowledging what this mental or physical "drain" is for you and the second is to take steps to counter that through the year. It's a cliché, I know, but it's so true! For instance, after a week of intensive Dartmouth courses, club meetings, study groups, etc., it is so important that you take time for yourself on the weekends or even through the week. That is something that I have only recently realized. You WILL fill obligated to go out and be adventurous and socialize at Dartmouth, fantastic! But it is such a simple thing we take for granted knowing what makes you happy and calm after a long week.

Study Spot!
Prime example of my "recharge" station in Baker-Berry library! - The East Reading Room

For me, this means a break from all of the socializing through the week and taking a day for myself. Whether this be taking a nap, catching up on my work, going to the gym, they are all activities I do solely with the thoughts in my head and nothing else. It's a way for me to reset my mind and charge up that battery for the next outing I have. Specifically, my campus job at the Shattuck Observatory is a huge part of this. I'm a weather and climate nerd, we'll just get that out there. As a result, I take weather observations at the observatory everyday throughout the week. I don't view this as a job at all. It is a way for me to reconnect with myself and to check up on my mental status. Dartmouth is filled with numerous nooks and crannies to help you find your recharge activity / spot, and you will find it! What the important thing for you to realize is, it is okay to take a break from everything, find what makes you happy and immerse yourself in it every once and a while!

Shattuck Observatory
My "home away from home" - Shattuck Observatory!

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