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What are the basics of transportation on campus?

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Everything from the Dartmouth Coach transporting students on and off campus (24/7), to the conveniently located Zipcars on campus, Dartmouth does a phenomenal job at accommodating all kinds of travel, here's the rundown:

1. The Dartmouth Coach (my personal favorite component of Dartmouth's transportation system). The Dartmouth coach is the main line of transportation for students who don't have access to a car or another form of transportation. The coach runs 24/7 and has routes from Hanover to nearby cities like Boston and NYC. It also makes a few small town stops, mostly for non-student passengers. The bus ticket prices are pretty fair and the service is always really great. Most students go through Boston Logan International Airport when traveling to and from campus, so the Coach's Boston route travels directly to the airport for added convenience. Personally, I've yet to use the coach to travel anywhere other than Boston, but my experience has always been amazing, and the coach is extremely accessible for students.  

2. Another prevalent form of transportation on campus is Zipcar. Zipcar is a rental car company tailored towards students. You pay an hourly rate and get access to a company-issued vehicle. For Dartmouth specifically, there are plenty of nearby Zipcars available for use, the only requirements are a valid U.S driver's license and a monthly subscription—the subscription is really well-priced considering the mileage you're able to get. The Zipcars are mostly used by first-year students as most first-year students aren't able to bring their own cars to campus. 

3. Considering transportation on campus, Dartmouth is also really great about implementing opportunities to travel around Hanover as well as nearby destinations/towns. Some of the destinations include Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and Summit on Juniper which is a nearby apartment complex. All of the bus services are free for Dartmouth students and some bus routes even offer free rides for guests of Dartmouth students transportation! During the winter, Dartmouth also has a nonstop weekly shuttle service for trips to the Dartmouth Skiway. I've travelled on the shuttle a few times now as a first-year student and it's been a dream to have the opportunity to go ski almost any time of day.

 4. On the other hand, throughout day-to-day Dartmouth life, concerning transportation to and from classes and dorms, walking seems to be a common theme among students as campus is on the smaller side (under 300 acres). Besides walking though, electric and gasoline scooters are also fairly prevalent, especially for students with athletic commitments who often have to travel to their training facilities (which tend to be on opposite sides of campus).

Ultimately, to highlight again, Dartmouth does a really solid job at emphasizing availability and convenience for the travel needs of all students. With a remote area like Hanover, a lot of the time it can be stressful thinking about planning out travel windows, thankfully Dartmouth's system does a great job mitigating that stress.

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