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As the snow begins to fall and finals come to a close, winterim is on everyone's mind! But what is this "winterim" that everyone's so excited for?

Winterim is what we call our winter break, where we get six weeks to ourselves before returning to the winter wonderland that Hanover will be in winter term! With all this extra time, you may be wondering how students typically spend the blissful weeks in the tail end of November to the beginning of January. In addition to bonding with family and reconnecting with friends from home, it's a great time for students to take a step back and relax. With the 10-week term, school can feel pretty fast-paced. While it has definitely been manageable, I think that the break offers an outlet for people to slow down, focus on themselves, and prevent burnout. This might include concentrating on hobbies you may not have had time for during the term or possibly picking up some new skills, either in the professional sphere or for everyday life!

Another great benefit of winterim is that if students feel up to it, they can participate in research projects or even attain a brief internship. As there are few other schools where students are off during the November and December months, there is a smaller pool of competition and greater likelihood of attaining highly selective positions. There are an abundance of resources for those interested in pursuing an internship, as the Dartmouth Center for Professional Development aids students in finding their ideal positions, the alumni network actively communicates with students, and professors email students with research opportunities, in addition to those students discover themselves.

During my winter break, I am planning to run a local nonprofit, reconnect with family and friends, pick up a few books (I miss Barnes and Noble!), and bake some new sweet treats! While reconnecting with my friends from home, I will also be sure to remain connected with current Dartmouth students from my area. While we have planned several get-togethers, I'm most excited to attend Hadestown, a play featuring a Dartmouth alumnus (Kimberly Marable '05) as the lead, with the Dartmouth students from the area! I'm so grateful for the Dartmouth community, where the support never expires and membership lasts a lifetime!

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