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Like every other 6-year-old girl, when I was little I dreamed, prayed, and begged for a pony. As it was all I wanted from Santa, it showed up multiple times on my Christmas list in big letters, in hopes that he would get the memo and override my parents is firm "no." Alas, Santa ended up siding with my parents, and I remained the girl who collected horse stickers but who had never actually seen one in person. I resolved that when I grew up, I would become a vet so that I could be around the animals all day!

With this brief (and somewhat embarrassing) insight into my past, I think you can all see why I jumped at the opportunity to watch my friend perform at the equestrian horse show! Ok, you got me, it's not just about the horses: watching the competition was a really fun way to get off campus and learn about show jumping! Since Dartmouth is a school tucked away in the woods, it has a very wholesome community where students' social lives are pretty much contained on campus (save for the plethora of outdoor trips the Dartmouth Outing Club, the biggest club on campus, hosts!). While this structure makes campus feel more tight-knit and homey, it's always a treat to explore off campus!

Blog_4032 × 3024_Jumping
Tereschenko '25 competing in style

As for the competition, it made for the perfect trip! In support of our dormmate, a bunch of friends in French Hall (Frenchies!) went to the Dartmouth Equestrian Team's stable. For all of us, it was our first time seeing a horse show, and we were thoroughly impressed. We watched the equestrians make jumping look easy as they hopped over the gates, as graceful as ballerinas. Dartmouth ended up taking home the win, placing first overall. After cheering for our Alma Mater, we got a tour of the stables, where another first occurred: I got to meet my first horse! After meeting Babalou and seeing the show, I realized that Dartmouth is a place where it's common to try new things, and I'm thrilled to keep exploring! 

Blog_4032 × 3024_Apple
Summer Hargrave feeding Babalou a treat!


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