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If you hear people talking about winter, you might have heard that the way to make the most of the season is getting outside. But for someone who has never lived in the cold before, it may seem like there aren't many fun ways to get outside and enjoy the snow. However, at Dartmouth, many friends have mentioned that they found the winter term more fun than fall term due to the amount of activities available on campus! This past week, Occom pond (a pond on campus near the golf course) was opened for students to skate! Games of ice hockey were spread out all over the pond, with a mix of high-speed skaters and more cautious first timers vying for the puck. And what makes it even better is that rentals for the skates are free for Dartmouth students! Hot chocolate socials have been pulling crowds at Collis, and sledding/tubing on the snowy slopes of the golf course has been really popular, but what's been my favorite so far is going to the mountain!!

At Dartmouth, skiing/snowboarding are a common weekend activity, where friends go out and test their skills while sliding down Dartmouth's skiway. However, if you're someone who grew up in a warmer state and has less experience with snow sports, Dartmouth actually offers ski and snowboard PE classes! A little background: I have been skiing before but wanted to try out snowboarding. As someone who's never touched a board—skateboard, surfboard, snowboard, you name it—I can attest to the fact that the beginner classes Dartmouth offers are 100% beginner friendly. We started out slow, scooting down little hills, and learned the basics of how to speed up or slow down. 

It was also a great way to spend the day and meet new friends! The classes are great too because it gives you a group of people you know would love to go boarding with you another time!

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