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Homecoming bonfire

What do you do in the middle of nowhere on weekends? 

Let me start by saying that while Dartmouth may feel like it is pretty far from everything, it is not isolated at all. A quick disclaimer is necessary: I was a boarding student at a high school where the closest thing to campus was an airport with limited transportation to the lively parts of Istanbul. That's why being in the lovely little town of Hanover where everything is in walking distance feels so surprisingly liberating. There is a range of pizzerias, bakeries, cafés, and a good selection of world cuisine: Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Italian… My favorite place is Still North Books, which is a small bookstore/coffee shop/bar. Last weekend, me and my friend Jamie visited Still North Books to buy some books to read over winter break and get some coffee. While we were sipping our coffees inside, silently enjoying the rainy afternoon, I've suddenly felt like I was back home, sitting in one of the coffee shops in Istanbul. It honestly was the perfect place to ease some of my homesickness.

Besides exploring Hanover, there is plenty to do on campus as well. Almost every other weekend, there is a game - football, hockey, rugby - that you can go and watch to support Dartmouth teams. Even if you are not big of a fan of athletics, you can still attend the games to watch the marching band play. 

Marching band
Dartmouth College Marching Band on Memorial Field!

There is also a lot happening at the Hopkins Center for the Arts every weekend: movies, workshops, live music, theatre performances... Last weekend, I've watched the staged reading of Saturday Night/Sunday Morning performed by incredibly talented Dartmouth students. It felt amazing to finally watch a theatre performance in person because it has been more than two years since I've been back inside a theatre. Speaking of live performances, there is also Friday Night Rock (FNR). Organized by Dartmouth students, FNR brings indie groups and artists to campus. I've had a chance to listen to R.I.P. and Slothrust live!

Friday night rock
Friday Night Rock @ Sarner Underground.

This post would be incomplete without mentioning the big weekends of the fall term: Homecoming and Halloween. Homecoming is famous for its traditional bonfire and the annual Homecoming parade. The huge bonfire and all the alumni and students wearing their Dartmouth merch on the Green is a sight I will never forget. As for Halloween, I  enjoyed seeing all the creative costumes my friends have put together. It was surreal to come across two banana men and a fishing dad chilling in our common room at 1 am. There were also a bunch of trips organized by different housing communities to Six Flags, a famous amusement park in New England. 

Whether it be a special or a regular one, I am looking forward to future weekends at Dartmouth. 


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