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A two floor building in snowy Hanover: Triangle House

There are many different forms of accommodation at Dartmouth from house communities to Greek houses, senior apartments, and Living Learning Communities. I have lived in house community dorms for my first two years on campus. This term, as I move back to Dartmouth after two terms off-campus, I decided to apply for a living learning community: Triangle House. Let me tell you more about the decision and housing at Dartmouth!

Upon enrolling at Dartmouth, all Dartmouth first-years are required to live in residence halls with fellow freshmen. Each first-year is randomly placed in a housing community, which determines which dorms you live in for the rest of your time at Dartmouth. I was assigned Allen House and lived in the Choates cluster for my freshman year. I was fond of my forming situation living in the Choates, partly because I was assigned a spacious single, but mostly because I met most of my closest friends at the Choates, like my next-door neighbor and now best friend Jamie.

In my sophomore year, I moved into Gile Hall, one of the main halls of Allen House, and the dorm with the hands-down best location on campus. I had two roommates: Tianwen and Julie, whom I met thanks to living in the Choates. We had a two-room triple, as interesting as that sounds; our two rooms were quite cozy and warm. I loved coming back to my dorm after a long day and being greeted by the best roommates anyone could ask for.

This year, I could not do the housing process as early as everyone did as I was off-campus during winter. While I initially got the short end of the stick while picking dorms, I tried to make the best of the situation by looking for alternatives. That's when I decided to apply for Triangle House, a Living Learning Community focusing on queer issues. I had friends who lived in Triangle House and had a great time. I have also been to Triangle House a few times as we used the common spaces there to host events for the intersectional feminist zine on campus, Spare Rib. It was the perfect answer to my worries!

I am excited to move into my room at Triangle House and meet new people through the community there! It seems like there will be many opportunities to do so thanks to the programming, involving events such as weekly snack nights and sunday brunches! 

Stay tuned!

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