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One of Dartmouth's graduation requirements is having two physical education credits. Not being a big fan of sports, I was initially anxious about this requirement, but I soon learned that there are plenty of enjoyable ways to fulfill that on campus. Here are some ways my friends have been getting their PE credits on campus!

One of my closest friends, Ochir, has joined Street Soul, a dance company on campus that anyone can join. They do not hold auditions and welcome members with no dance experience. Ochir has been one of those people. Despite being nervous about dancing at first, he enjoyed his time in Street Soul more than he could imagine, thanks to the welcoming and warm environment members created. I also had a great time watching Ochir and his friends perform in one of the end-of-the-term performances of Street Soul. I was screaming like a proud mother.

Speaking of dancing, students at Dartmouth can also attend free tango classes on Monday evenings to get PE credit. I attended a few tango classes last fall before they started offering PE credits because I had always wanted to learn. I could not keep attending classes due to my busy schedule, but I had a great time and always wanted to go back. The classes are designed for beginners, so I never felt out of place despite having no background in Latin dances. It is also so easy and fun to bond with people while learning something new together. Not to mention that tango was a surprisingly good wellness practice for me in the form of mindfulness. I had to focus all my attention on what I was learning, which left no space for outside worries of daily life.

What about good-old exercise and sports, you may ask. There is plenty of that too. For instance, my roommate/friend Tianwen joined the powerlifting team last fall. They have been lifting since before, but they had never done powerlifting before or have been on a team. Since attending the first powerlifting practice, they always spoke highly of the people and the welcoming, diverse environment they created. They are still on the team, and the captain hopes they will get to compete in the near future. If heavy sports are not your thing, you can also opt-in for yoga classes, which my other roommate, Julie did, for one of her PE requirements.

If you are adventurous, you can also learn skiing or snowboarding during winter terms. The cost of skiing/snowboarding classes is reimbursed for students on financial aid: a great example of how Dartmouth tries to make otherwise inaccessible experiences affordable. Not a fan of the snow? You can also take sailing classes during the summer, which my friend Jamie did on her first summer on campus. Personally, I am not a big snow sports person, so I have always been jealous of Jamie getting a chance to learn sailing.

I have yet to fulfill my PE requirements, but I look forward to it. Stay tuned!

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