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Dartmouth College freshman

Hi there! My name is Eda, and I have no idea how to start a blog post. Or fully wake up without Turkish tea. Or live without my cat.

With these confessions out of the way, let me introduce myself! I'm from Istanbul, Turkey. It's the first time I'm so far away from home for so long, which means I'm incredibly excited, slightly anxious, and possibly in need of a hug. I'm also an indoorsy introvert who lived in a city almost all her life, gets real cold real fast, and has never skied, hiked, or camped before. Yeah, I know Dartmouth is a bit different from my natural habitat. It'll take some time getting used to, but being a little lost is part of the fun.

Before landing at Dartmouth, I took a gap year, which, despite involving less traveling than I hoped and more canceling of plans than I imagined, left me feeling glad that I've taken some time to explore my interests independently. Pre-gap me would have never guessed that I would be training to become a yoga teacher or volunteering as a mentor/tutor for international IB students. I was sure that I never wanted to see another IB assignment and had the flexibility of a hardcover book...only through taking some time off academics was I able to find new passions and even push my comfort zone a bit. With that said, I still love my comfort zone. I mean, who doesn't? After all, I self-identify as a bookworm whose specialty is sci-fi and fantasy, so my comfort zone is anywhere between my bed and a whole fictional world. When I'm not reading, I like writing, discovering new shows and movies, listening to music while walking around in Hanover, and spending time with friends and family. Though my family is a 10-hour flight away, I´m lucky to have many Turkish students in my class. As we reminiscence about Istanbul, I remember what it feels like to be home.

Baker-Berry Library
The first picture I took on campus. Really original, I know.

Despite being rather shy and quiet, I'm at my happiest when surrounded by people with diverse experiences and interests, thanks to whom I get to broaden my horizons. Just within my building, I've met a Canadian hockey player, a Chinese literature buff, an environmental activist, and a talented dress-maker from Mauritius. Not to mention the incredible professors I've encountered during the academic open houses and in my classes, who are, in fact, as enthusiastic about teaching and connecting with students as I've heard many times before. Besides meeting new people, I'm also looking forward to exploring arts and publications, watching performances at the Hopkins Center for the Arts, attending Great Issues Scholars events, and learning a new language. I also can't wait to find you here again, whoever you may be! Welcome again to my blog!

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