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Gray apartment complex in Copenhagen

The thumbnail picture is courtesy of Nolan Yee.

This week, I decided to interview my partner about his study abroad at the University of Copenhagen - a popular Dartmouth exchange program through the Sociology department.

How did you decide to apply to this program?
One of my majors is Sociology, so I was interested in this program because it is through the Sociology department. Copenhagen also seems to be among the few places Dartmouth offers that I have no experience in. I have been lucky to see a lot of places in Europe before, but I had very little exposure to Danish culture.

What classes are you taking?
I am taking three classes. One is Introduction to Danish Culture, a big lecture class with over a hundred people in it, which is the type of class we do not often have at Dartmouth. There are also excursions outside class periods, which are primarily for exchange students.

My second class is Latin American Politics, which is interesting because we have a lot of exposure to Latin American culture in the United States, but it seems foreign to the Danish people. Despite the foreignness, the professor is doing the topic justice. Honestly, this might be my favorite class because of that reason.

Arctic Politics is my third class. Denmark is in a unique position in international politics due to its association with Greenland. You can take this class in the United States, but there is something special about being in a place where these topics are not merely theoretical, but also lived experiences.

What is your living situation like?
I have a modern and cozy apartment twenty minutes away from the campus. There is a grocery store and a gym literally downstairs. I got super lucky with my accommodation.

What is your favorite thing about your study abroad experience so far?
Seeing how people in another culture get to live, especially one that is so different from any other country I have been to.

What are the challenges of the program?
Living in Copenhagen is more expensive than living in Hanover. It is also difficult being away from friends and clubs that I am a part of at Dartmouth. It is an entirely different city and environment. Despite it all, it is still a privilege to be there. Even though I would not want to live in Copenhagen again, I would definitely want to visit again.

What are you looking forward to in your study abroad?
Christmas in Copenhagen, having my brother visit, and trying more traditional Danish food.

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