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Filming for the JMC Challenge

One universal experience of being a Dartmouth student is the spontaneous moments of trying new things. Whether our adventurous spirits roam the outdoors or decide to stay inside, we are always pushing ourselves to do things we never thought we would have done before. I've had friends learn how to do aerial arts, study a major they never thought about before, and even join me in doing Zumba classes for the first time. There are so many opportunities to learn new things. That's what being a Dartmouth student is all about.

So, I plan to tell you all about how I became an actor for a short film for the first time ever and loved it. Every year, the Jones Media Center (JMC) hosts a 48 hour film festival where students gather up in teams to create a short film within two days. The JMC is a resource on campus where students can rent out many types of equipment from cameras to microphones and tripods and even gaming consoles. Personally, I have used this resource many times to rent out CD players and computer converters to use different types of equipment. For the JMC 48 Hour Video Challenge, my team rented out several cameras, lighting equipment, and microphones.

Short Film Opening Screen
Opening scene from the short film!
Woods of BEMA
Location scouting for the forest scene!

After going to the introductory meeting, we learned the prop and short line of script we had to use and immediately went to brainstorm. Soon, it was decided we would create a short thriller to try to subvert expectations with the light-hearted prop. However, we needed a few actors. So, I decided to attempt the lead role of becoming a cold blooded killer for a few minutes, and the process was super fun. Our entire crew was super supportive and excited to see how every single shot was turning out.

Now, I want to act in more short films if I get the chance, and I have a love for the entire process. I've been wanting to go into film scoring for a career, and I feel that I understand the basics into filming and planning a film from this experience. This is just one of many examples of how sometimes we like learning into our adventurous side here. I'd encourage you all to try new things from time to time to see what you like (and maybe dislike too), because it is a great process!

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