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Love. What an intimate, passionate choice of word to use for anything. Love can be described as an intense deep affection. Love is those moments where you just know you are feeling something at your inner core. Indescribable, yet present. Overwhelming, yet soothing. Yet, affection itself is those smooth and gentle feelings of fondness to which something is attracted towards. So, how can love be an intense, deep feeling of light, gentle character?

I know that this sounds sappy—and now theoretical—but one of my professors made me realize that we, us humans, never talk of love. It is too sappy for us. Too intimate. Too immature? Maybe it is some of those things, but maybe love is more than that. I know one thing about love for sure. It's complicated.

A photo of the front of Dartmouth Hall

I love Dartmouth. Although sometimes we, the current students, look at the college through an intense, critical lens, that doesn't change the fact that we want to be here. So, I am going to say it again. I love Dartmouth. At first, Dartmouth was not my first choice. I am so glad that changed, and I am lucky that my past-self clicked on Dartmouth's button.

As soon as I stepped on campus this term, it felt the same but different. Am I falling out of love with Dartmouth? I'll give you a hint. I'm falling in love with Dartmouth again. There is still the crisp, fall air that I love to take time breathing in and appreciating each breath. However, it is also those breaths which remind me of my first fall here. Now, I look back on my time and think "where is the time going?" More importantly, where has it gone? I've been laughing about the adventures that have taken place since stepping foot in Hanover, and attempting to imagine a reality where I never went to Dartmouth. However, that is quite difficult.

From my friends who nag at me daily about not showing my love enough—trust me, I acknowledge them a lot and adore them all so much—to the cafeteria workers who gave me a nickname, there are so many meaningful connections I would have missed out on if I did not go here. I grieve for the other universes which the other me did not have the opportunity or support to go to Dartmouth for four years. This post is not a "Why Dartmouth" (although it could be). This is an ode to Dartmouth and my life here.

As a junior, people say I am halfway through my Dartmouth experience now. That is false, because this is my third year of my Dartmouth experience out of dozens. Sure, you might read this and go "wow, get a load of this sappy spiel." That is when I would say that you are right. After that, I'd say "I love Dartmouth" again, because I have realized I do. Next week, I'll write about why a little bit more. For now, you can guess what I am going to say again.

I love Dartmouth.

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