23W First Snow
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Two friends roller skating indoors in the student center with disco lights

Although high school for me was most certainly a game of balancing my weekly time commitments, Dartmouth truly was a level up in terms of time management. Every week, I have miscellaneous meetings with Dartmouth alumni, music professors, and other clubs. Sometimes my weeks feel too dense from working or running around campus. However, most Dartmouth students try to have fun to help give them a break from the encompassing world of academia (although we all love it). In this post, I'm gonna show you some of the things I've done this week to take breaks from my assignments and give you all updates about what a week can feel like for some students.

Picture of a music software on a laptop with headphones leaning against the screen
This is an assignment I am actively working on for my class on how to mix music!

This term I am only taking two courses: Introductory Guitar, and Sonic Space and Form (fancy wording for sound engineering). This means I have a two hour class every weekday, which I look forward to every day. In addition, I have around 18 hours of music rehearsal every week so my days are filled with music from jazz and avant-garde percussion to classical tuba playing. Every week, I have a few meetings with alumni to talk about how it is to pursue a music degree in the real world while taking advice and advantage from my music professors who are willing to talk to me about getting jobs in the art world. When I'm not doing music, I spend a lot of time with my fraternity where we have meetings and events happening quite frequently. To say the least: Dartmouth can get really busy.

I believe that outside of the hectic reality of our Dartmouth work lives, that Dartmouth is a place where students take time to have fun too. I think my favorite part of this week was going roller skating with my friends in our student center one night. It has been years since I have been roller skating and it was just so much fun to see everyone there having fun. Today, I went to a basketball game to support one of my friends on the cheerleading team since it is also her birthday! In general, I've gone to several birthday parties this week to celebrate so many of my friends' birthdays. My friends and I have also had spontaneous snowball fights and shenanigans throughout the week.

The Dartmouth basketball court with cheerleaders running cheering on the crowd!
Happy birthday Meggie! This was from the men's basketball game against Yale.

Of course I have work for classes and my music ensembles, but I value also knowing when it is okay to take a break. It may sound like I have a lot to do, but my friends will always encourage me to have fun when there are events going on around campus. Personally, I believe that this spirit that Dartmouth evokes is truly unique to the school. There has never been a dull moment since I've stepped foot onto campus here in New Hampshire, and that is something I love about Dartmouth

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