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Students and community members boarding the Coach

Hanover is a small quaint town in the Upper Valley, meaning it is pretty far from any major airport. With no close family or friends in New England, I worried that I would struggle to find rides from the Boston Logan Airport to campus. However, the Dartmouth Coach is here to solve that exact problem.

Because the majority of students live far enough away from campus, we must fly to Boston or even New York to get to campus. The Dartmouth Coach serves as the first or final step of your journey home. 

The Dartmouth Coach leaves campus nearly every hour to go to Boston and once a day to go to New York City. Tickets are easy to buy online, which makes planning a trip convenient. It boards in front of the Hop, the nickname for the Hopkins Center for the Arts building, which is a central location on campus. Friendly drivers take your luggage and store it under the bus so that the ride is spacious.

Once onboard, it is smooth sailing from there. There is always a fun movie playing on the bus's monitors, and after a week of finals, students are ready to kick back and enjoy a movie. There are chargers for any electronic device to keep you going. You may as well be in first class on an airplane because the seats feel large and roomy. 

The Coach drops off and picks up passengers at Boston South Station and Boston Logan Airport, which is convenient and requires no extra steps. 

The Dartmouth Coach in Boston
The Dartmouth Coach in the city of Boston

The Coach is not only meant for student airport travellers. It also serves to take students back to their hometowns of Boston and New York City. Residents of the Upper Valley often take advantage of this convenient shuttle service, and I recently struck up a two-hour conversation with a friendly resident! Families of Dartmouth students also use the Coach to avoid expensive rental car fees. Keep in mind that prospective students and families also use the Coach to get to campus, so if you're planning a visit, use the Coach!

When students plan weekend trips to Boston or New York City, they almost always use the Coach. Weekend trips are lots of fun and provide a change of scenery for a couple of days. The Coach makes these trips easy to do and plan!

When travelling from school, students almost always consider the Coach as the first part of their journey. Though it is just a means to get to or from campus, the Coach is an accessible and enjoyable experience!

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