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'76s, the first class of Dartmouth women

Moosilauke is a lodge about an hour from campus, located at the base of Mount Moosilauke, which hosts many trails for hikers. 

The lodge offers basic overnight accommodations for Dartmouth students and the general public with students receiving a discount. There are shuttles that bring students back and forth to the Lodge most nights. We didn't stay overnight, but we enjoyed the family style dinner served on a nightly basis. 

Our dinner was delicious with warm bread, tomato soup, salad, chicken, rice, and gingerbread cookies to finish. The company was even better.

The Lodge has beautiful stone and wood finishes
The Lodge has beautiful stone and wood finishes

Because the meal is family style, you eat side-by-side with strangers who soon become friends during dinner. We were seated next to a '14 and '17 (alumni who graduated from Dartmouth in 2014 and 2017). 

After introductions, we soon launched into conversations about their time at Dartmouth and their time as alumni. I asked if lore from their time was true (it wasn't!) and if their time at Dartmouth was special (it was!). They wanted to know the same about my time at Dartmouth, and we discussed what was the same and what had changed over the years.

At the end of the meal, we struck up a conversation with a group of women who had traveled to the Lodge together. They revealed they were '76s, meaning they were the first class of women welcomed at Dartmouth in 1972. They had all been varsity skiers and were back on campus to celebrate 50 years of women's athletics. The women spoke on the importance skiing had on their time in bringing the new women together.

My parents and I exploring the nature around the Lodge
My parents and I exploring the nature around the Lodge

At the homecoming football game, select members of the class of 2014 were inducted into the Wearers of the Green, an honor for alumni who have achieved athletic excellence. None other than the '14 we had met at the Lodge was being inducted into this honorary club. He had simply said he was on the Men's Lacrosse team, and was so humble he didn't say he had been on a professional lacrosse team. This showed me how Dartmouth alumni are so accomplished yet stay humble.

I love going to the Lodge for all the interesting people you meet. Dartmouth alumni are very engaged with their school and love coming to the Lodge and sharing their stories. If you ever have a free night and are in the Hanover area, be sure to check out the Lodge!

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