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When I was signing up for classes, I took Sociology of Gender (Socy 56) on a whim. I had never taken a Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies class, and I wanted to explore the field. I signed up for the 20 person class, and I never looked back.

For my Global Studies minor, which is within the Anthropology department, there is an interdisciplinary component that emphasizes a certain area, whether it be biological, archaeological, linguistic, or cultural. I decided to take the cultural route and explore women's studies in a more in-depth arena.

Because of the class's small size, we are able to have productive group discussions, and we are all able to talk one-on-one with Professor McCabe. I enjoyed taking this class with Professor McCabe so much that we had lunch at Pine through the Take Your Professor to Lunch program. Dartmouth funds a lunch for the purpose of the student and professor to get to know each other outside of the classroom.

For our final project, we had very broad parameters to do a sociological analysis on a gendered phenomenon. I wrote about gendered interactions within the television series Grey's Anatomy and what limitations the series sets on real-life female doctors. This project had a direct correlation to my intended career in medicine as a female. 

Overall, this class has shown to me the interdisciplinary nature of Dartmouth's liberal arts education. Never did I think a Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies class could satisfy a Global Health minor, but I now understand how many fields overlap and the advantages of studying several fields in the scope of one Dartmouth degree.

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