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Picture of me while abroad in Europe

This past fall, I had the opportunity to do a transfer term in Ireland. Because I was so far away from Dartmouth, I was worried how I would stay connected to the community, but I found that it is so easy to remain involved at school!

In the digital age, it's easier than ever to stay linked to Dartmouth. I wrote for this blog every week, which was a really nice way to reflect on my time at Dartmouth while away and to record my life abroad. I also remained involved with my roles at the Student Wellness Center and participated in Zoom meetings to stay up to date on ongoing events at the center. 

Thankfully, Dartmouth supports you wherever you are. Thus, I was able to have a couple meetings with the Health Professions Office to stay on track with my pre-medical studies.

I was also able to stay connected with Dartmouth friends through FaceTime, and one friend even visited me in Ireland! Dartmouth students study all over the world, so chances are there is a Dartmouth student studying in at least one country you would want to visit!

Obviously, I couldn't do everything I normally do at Dartmouth while abroad. I wasn't doing shifts for Dartmouth Emergency Medical Services; nor was I giving my beloved campus tours. However, sometimes it's nice to take a break from a busy schedule, and I was really able to immerse myself in Irish culture!

Overall, this term showed me that Dartmouth is a place that encourages students to stay engaged in wherever they are!

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