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Dartmouth 2025 Mug

I start everyday with a cup of hot chocolate. I love my morning drink warm, not too hot, with marshmallows and whipped cream on top of a milk and chocolate combination. For me, it's not really about the drink but instead about the experience.

Novak Cafe
Novak Cafe within Baker-Berry Library

Novack Cafe is my go-to spot for breakfast. Novack is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night. It offers sandwiches, sweets, and my favorite, a selection of Starbucks drinks. Every morning, I grab a Starbucks grande hot chocolate, which is covered with my meal plan.

Located in Baker-Berry Library, Novack is a convenient five minute walk from my dorm room and the center of campus, which always makes it hopping with students. Because Dartmouth is a small school, I almost always see a friendly face while waiting for my hot chocolate. Whether I say hello to an Art History classmate or sit down with someone down the hall from me, I love being able to see a student I know everyday.

I'm up at 6 am every morning for ROTC, so by the time practice is over at 8, I am always ready for something to start my day. Within the program, there are only two contracted '25 cadets, so I often enjoy breakfast with the other cadet. Though we only have a couple minutes before class starts, we inhale our drinks to refuel after a long run or weightlifting.

When I don't have time in between classes, I resort to breakfast in my room from my mini Keurig. My roommate drinks a black coffee while I enjoy a sweet hot chocolate, but that is where our difference ends. We sip our drinks while we catch up on the latest school news and she advises me on what to wear for the cold weather (she's from Boston so she dictates my winter wardrobe)! 

A simple cup of hot chocolate satisfies my sweet tooth, but beyond that it allows me to start my daily routine with smiles from friends, classmates, and everyone in between.

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