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Students eating outside for a summer dinner

Every week, the Aquinas House (the Catholic center on campus) hosts a dinner that everyone on campus is welcome to! During the school year, there are on average over fifty students who attend these dinners, so you can always find someone new to meet!

On Mondays, students gather for a meal prepared by fellow students. The menu changes every week, and some of my favorite meals include spaghetti and meatballs, tacos and nachos, cookouts with hotdogs and hamburgers, and stews. 

While the food is great, my favorite part of these meals is the people. The community dinner attracts people from all over campus, including undergrads, graduate students, and even professors! I love catching up with friends as well as seeing new faces (I can't wait to meet the '27s when I get back to campus!). 

The orchestrator of the event, Father Tim, is somewhat of a legend around campus. He makes an effort to know everyone in the room by playing fun trivia games with all the different tables. Once when I was sick, Father Tim delivered food to my dorm from the community dinner, which made my day!

While the dinner is hosted by the Catholic center, all students are welcome to attend. I'm not Catholic, but I love to attend these dinners. I think that is very representative of Dartmouth culture; students with many different backgrounds are welcome in many different spaces.

Overall, I love Community Dinners as they provide me with home cooked meals and a space to meet new people and converse with old friends.

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