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Gathering of people looking at an A cappella show in the Hood Museum

This past summer, I began my yearlong role as an intern at the Dartmouth Hood Museum of Art. This is a role focused on programming and curation, and while I receive projects to complete, I also have the freedom to plan and execute my own projects.

While I have no singing talents, I have friends who do! I love watching my peers sing in Dartmouth's many a capella groups, and knowing the Hood has incredible acoustics within the galleries, I started thinking about planning a show. I contacted the directors of the Summerphonix, a special summer a capella group, who were excited about a show.

I proposed the idea to my supervisor, who was enthusiastic about the idea. After coming up with a budget, advertising material, and overall plan, I received approval from the Hood. 

Thankfully, the Hood has funding for events like this; they provided a stipend to the a capella group, as well as funding for catering.

The Hood Museum sent emails to everyone on campus about the event, and on the day of the event, over 50 people attended the event.

After I introduced the group, Summerphonix sang four songs in front of the new Kent Monkman exhibit. I had just written a paper for my anthropology class about a Monkman piece, so I was happy to see my anthropology professor in the crowd as well!

This event really highlighted my multi-faceted experience at Dartmouth. In a single event, I was able to see the arts at Dartmouth combine with my anthropology class, art within the museum, public speaking learned from my small classes, as well as general support of student endeavors.

I don't think I could watch classmates sing while simultaneously completing a project for my enjoyable internship at any other school. Dartmouth really allows me to wear many hats!

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