Shot of the north end of campus from the top of Baker Tower
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Photograph of a girl holding a camera taking a photograph.

What are the chances of crossing two items off my bucket list at the same time?

As it turns out, those chances are pretty high here at Dartmouth. The beauty of this space is that it is not only possible but very much accessible to do anything and everything, whether it be through classes, clubs, or workshops.

When I got into Dartmouth, I made a promise to myself that I would go beyond "smartphone photography" and actually learn how to use a camera. I am happy to say that I made good on that promise.

Despite having no prior experience with a camera, it was extremely easy to join Aegis (Dartmouth's yearbook) and become a photographer! I just had to put my name on whatever events I wanted to take pictures of (check) and have a willingness to learn (check).

I signed up to take pictures of Fallapalooza. Fallapalooza is a concert held by a student-run organization called Dartmouth Programming Board, which works together to hold fun events for students on campus throughout the year. This year, they brought in two wonderful artists, J. Maya and Claire Rosinkranz, to perform. Having never gone to a concert before, let alone take photos with an actual camera at one, I didn't know what to expect at first. However, it was a fantastic experience! I was able to stand close to the stage and took all sorts of pictures of the performers and the crowd!

Claire Rosinkranz singing while holding a mic
I captured Claire Rosinkranz singing her heart out.

I truly appreciate how fun and flexible Dartmouth is. This place is truly an environment where I've been able to branch out of my shell, discover new interests, and reconnect with old ones. I never knew I would enjoy a concert so much, and I'm looking forward to what parts of myself I'll discover throughout my journey here!

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